Rose Marie

I am actually and factually totally excited about drawing again.

I have this natural ability to draw well that I’ve never nurtured into blossoming into anything spectacular. I mean, sometimes, I go for a couple of years without really drawing a damn thing.

Well last year, my sis bought this cool tablet computer for me, and for some reason I haven’t gotten around to using it for drawing until this year. WTF right? right.

Anyway, so I am drawing my friends. Soon I am going graduate to drawing family. Poor bastards. They are completely unprepared. I feel sorry for them, really.

Check this out.

My second drawing with the tablet.

My first is displayed in my earlier posting- it was a work of love but one that was more in the way of meditation- thoughts of a friend lost…

this one is of my lost friend’s best friend. i really love this lady. theres somethign about her that just shines. she smiles and you know it’s real… you know?

anyway- i decided to hide pictures in her piece for fun- stuff that pertains to her or stuff i just know she likes 🙂

can you find them?

I love to draw flowy hair, and she has gorgeous curly hair, so that really worked out well for me, right? The breeze blowing her hair is a nod to her profession as a respiratory therapist, the stylized rose is a nod to her name- it also personalizes the piece because she is wearing a rose in a photo I took of her

I played a lot with texture here- trying to not look so darn “digital”.

it all happens in layers… at least a hundred in most pieces- god only knows how many- i wouldn’t be surprised at 200 or more the way i like to draw sporadically- i don’t plan my drawings other than getting an idea in my mind- i like to create as i go and a lot of times the work will go in a completely different direction- many layers are abandoned and finally deleted- others merged- this piece ended up finishing with 18 layers 🙂

I really like the final image…


About Toni Tails

OMgosh! YOU wanna know about ME??? that is so effin' awesome! I am a huge, beautiful, fat mama of an 10 year old super cool Autistic boy. I am an artist and have dabbled in many things. see: My kid is my favorite person in the world- my sister and her kids are a close second. I am an atheist who was once a devout christian. I have a childrens story published. (and may do more) I love to create things and draw people. I have my very own etsy store selling them. YAY me! I grew up with a lot of money that was poorly spent, so i rarely had a decent place to live or the things i needed. My father molested me as a child and was physically abusive. I love cartoons. I love old toys and novelty items. I like geeky stuff and geeks in general, nerds too. I like food with faces. Do you know enough yet???? NO? Then read my blog, darn it!
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