Korgy’s Portrait

I took a new approach to this picture- less experimentation- This has more of a portrait feel than my other portraits so far for a reason. I’m drawing this for a mommy- it’s a kind of time capsule-

I wasn’t sure what to do once I had him drawn and painted and his baby picture sketched- I finally got this super awesome idea and traced his signature in crayon, made a copy of his handprint, and added a piece of a note he wrote… i’m a genius, lol

actually, i’m a mom, and i know what mommies like— the lady i drew this for is someone who reached out to me in a tough time- i think we could have been really close friends if i was ever the type to actually build lasting and long friendships- one of the things i am trying to remedy this year-

i have no practice- always moving from the time i was born- but i can figure it out-

anyway- i had a lot of fun making this for her- i hope it got a little of the message across- how much she means to me even tho i have no idea how to show it the way other people do 🙂


About Toni Tails

OMgosh! YOU wanna know about ME??? that is so effin' awesome! I am a huge, beautiful, fat mama of an 10 year old super cool Autistic boy. I am an artist and have dabbled in many things. see: http://tonitails.com My kid is my favorite person in the world- my sister and her kids are a close second. I am an atheist who was once a devout christian. I have a childrens story published. (and may do more) I love to create things and draw people. I have my very own etsy store selling them. YAY me! I grew up with a lot of money that was poorly spent, so i rarely had a decent place to live or the things i needed. My father molested me as a child and was physically abusive. I love cartoons. I love old toys and novelty items. I like geeky stuff and geeks in general, nerds too. I like food with faces. Do you know enough yet???? NO? Then read my blog, darn it!
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