Sisters… Best Friends

I created this one for Pleasantly Plump. Her sister has been diagnosed with leukemia and she is in dire need of a bone marrow transplant! If you are in the U.S. and would like to be a Bone-Marrow Donor, PLEASE contact Bone-Marrow Specialists at UMMC in Ann Arbor. Here is the Blood Bank # 1-800-471-4627 you need to call for the free kit!. They will send you a pack to be taken to your local Blood-Doning Clinic, Clinic, Hospital or Dr. Office with your name on it to be Fedexed to UMMC. Thanks so much!


About Toni Tails

OMgosh! YOU wanna know about ME??? that is so effin' awesome! I am a huge, beautiful, fat mama of an 10 year old super cool Autistic boy. I am an artist and have dabbled in many things. see: My kid is my favorite person in the world- my sister and her kids are a close second. I am an atheist who was once a devout christian. I have a childrens story published. (and may do more) I love to create things and draw people. I have my very own etsy store selling them. YAY me! I grew up with a lot of money that was poorly spent, so i rarely had a decent place to live or the things i needed. My father molested me as a child and was physically abusive. I love cartoons. I love old toys and novelty items. I like geeky stuff and geeks in general, nerds too. I like food with faces. Do you know enough yet???? NO? Then read my blog, darn it!
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One Response to Sisters… Best Friends

  1. Crystal Perry says:

    Thank you Toni, this means the world to my sister and I. I would love to frame this. You are amazing at what you do and you should keep up your work, NEVER stop. It helps people. It has certainly helped me at this time. If you could get the word out please

    Thank you with all my love
    Crystal & Danielle

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