Adalia Rose

Adalia Rose is a five-year-old girl with a beautiful and spunky spirit! Her mom has raised her to love herself for who she is, and that is awesome! As the parent of a special needs nine-year-old boy (Autism Spectrum Disorder), I understand the pain and judgement that can come from making choices with your children that don’t follow the norm. We parents judge ourselves harshly enough without interference from outsiders… The truth is we all make mistakes and knowing that makes parenting the scariest yet most wonderful adventure in the world. I admire Miss Adalia, and I very much admire her mom.

I gave birth to a little boy, 11 years ago October 4th, who faceless trolls would have mocked as some do this little one as he ranged far from physical and aesthetic “norms” … and I would give anything to have him here with me now, but his life was a short six hours that I hold to my heart forever… and he was beautiful- just as this vivacious little girl is beautiful.

I chose a blue rose because it symbolizes the dreamer… and Adalia Rose is certainly that!


About Toni Tails

OMgosh! YOU wanna know about ME??? that is so effin' awesome! I am a huge, beautiful, fat mama of an 10 year old super cool Autistic boy. I am an artist and have dabbled in many things. see: My kid is my favorite person in the world- my sister and her kids are a close second. I am an atheist who was once a devout christian. I have a childrens story published. (and may do more) I love to create things and draw people. I have my very own etsy store selling them. YAY me! I grew up with a lot of money that was poorly spent, so i rarely had a decent place to live or the things i needed. My father molested me as a child and was physically abusive. I love cartoons. I love old toys and novelty items. I like geeky stuff and geeks in general, nerds too. I like food with faces. Do you know enough yet???? NO? Then read my blog, darn it!
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